Perfect Imaging - FAQ's

get luxurious Asian and Indian Wedding Videography by Perfect Imaging at affordable price

Since we custom build your wedding video film we do not have standard prices but tailor them to the level of service which you select. Our pricing is very affordable and is largely contingent on three criteria. First, we determine the number of cameras necessary to shoot your wedding video. Secondly, we determine the amount of time we will spend with you on the day of your event. Lastly, we determine the effort required in post production editing that will be necessary to craft the finished wedding video.
We have the latest types of cameras. Depending on the type of product you choose with us we will use either the latest HD cameras or DLSRS for cinematography packages. This includes glidetracks and Crane cameras. Remember, as well as the equipment, it's also the person behind the equipment that matters and we guarantee wedding video filming in a league of it's own!
Yes, we personally do videography and edit our own client's events rather than outsourcing. In addition, we have employed experienced, professional videographers who may work along with us at your event,who have been vetted personally by Jag to ensure quality is maintained to the Perfect Imaging standard.
DVD or Blu-ray is now the most popular format and your wedding video will be supplied as such, as per your unique requirements. We can also upload videos onto platforms such as You Tube so anyone you wish, in the world can view it!
We are usually dressed in dark (black) uniforms, bearing our corporate Perfect Imaging logo. We try to match the type of attire your guests will be wearing at your event. You can rest assured that our staff are always impeccably presented.
You will receive an edited version of your wedding day which contains most of the original footage. As an option, you may receive the original unedited raw footage of your day for your archives.
That will depend on your budget. The more cameras you have operating during your event the more interesting your video will be to watch. It will also increase your production costs because of the additional equipment, labour and post-production time. Please ask for further details and costs.
A good videographer walks a fine line between getting the shots that are required, yet remaining as discreet as possible. Some clients prefer a passive, photo-journalistic approach to the gathering of footage. Others prefer a more directed, staged-approach intended to deliver their desired outcome. Our 10 years of experience in Asian wedding videography has given us the ability to produce your story in whatever style you are most comfortable with. We conduct ourselves in an unobtrusive, professional manner while simultaneously getting the images most important in capturing the memories of your big day.